Emerald Fists Devastator Bullet Catchers

My devastator marines were dying far too quickly so I painted 5 bolter carriers.  These guys have some devastator should pads that I crudely carved out of green stuff and cast.  Also you may notice these are really old metal models that I've 'updated' with modern packs, arms, guns and shoulders.  I went out of my way to magnetise the bolters as well so that if I want to swap them into special weapons and run them as havoks I'll be able to. 

Here they are standing guard as ablative wounds with their more important brothers.  Only in death does duty end!
They're pretty static models since they're metal casts so I wouldn't want a bunch of them but for a 5 man unit that are just going to die first and typically be hidden in cover it isn't a big deal.  I also like reclaiming old things.