Basing in Bulk

I've painted hundreds of models by now and I've always done the basing after the model was painted.  I decided recently that this was not the most time effective method so I'm doing my basing in bulk and then transfering the painted models over to them once they're painted.  Doing them like this made it WAY faster (or at least I'll pretend as much).  Without the feet being attached I could do most of it with a large tank brush.  It also has the added bonus of models being complete when the 'model' is complete and not needing to spend additional time afterward finishing up the bases (if that makes sense)
After the base coat has dried adeptus battlegrey is applied to the slate.
This is then drybrushed with astronomicon grey.
 Followed by a wash of badab black and a further drybrush of astro.
Rocks are applied; I actually wish I'd never started putting rocks on the bases but this resulted from a slow transition to resin bases.  Because of this half of my army was just on flock/rock bases and the other half on resin.  To make them match, the initial resin bases needed the rock applied.  I'm too far gone now (all my armies are based the same) and I like having them tied in to one another.  Being that there's now probably over a hundred models based it would be too much trouble to redo them all.I don't mind the look once it's all dry it just would have been easier and probably looked better had the rubble been drybrushed.
 Final step is a few tufts of grass.


  1. Any close up shots of the bases? They look great, I just want to see all the work you've done to them!

    Batch painting is always hard for me, because you don't really see the end product till the very end....and sometimes when you get close, you tend to rush a bit because you're so excited :).

    1. No sorry I didn't take any specific close up shots of these. They are done consistently with all of my other existing bases though :)

      Batch painting is the only thing that keeps me painting. It sort of seems like writing lines to me from grade school where you just write one word at a time down the length of the page before moving on to the next one. It might not be faster but it sure seems that way.


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