Reclusiam Project Part 5 - Terminator Chaplain

The last instalment of my Emerald Fist reclusiam is the terminator chaplain.  This is, I think, my favourite GW model ever.  The skull mask, toes, parchment and all the details just make an excellent model.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Painting this guy was a blast and I soared through it in an evening.  Painting the parchment was also great.  There's a lot of blank canvas and I painted some scroll work and a fist icon after feeling brave doing the same thing on my dreadnought.  I didn't go overboard with the gold on the model and tried to do some bronze and silver on the different metals so that it didn't overwhelm the eye.  I also added some etched brass to the right shoulder for a fist icon which will tie him in (along with the white) to my chapter.  I just love this model and it took me 5 years of the hobby before I found myself painting him.  What if it's all down hill from here!?

 I'm pretty sure this fella could blast through those 30 rounds in about one burst. I really like the bone toes on this model.  They help focus the entire model with the white skull and white bone toes instead of centring the eye on one particular point; at least I think so.

 The scroll work covers this model and I think it's a great contrast to the black armour.  It allows for some artistic license with the imagery you can paint on it and the colour contrast is great. 
Here's the group shot of the entire reclusiam now that it's done.  I painted one of each armour type and it was a really really nice break from the white armour that I've been doing as of late.  These are all awesome sculpts and it's almost sad that they're done.