Emerald Fist Drop Pod

I have so many 'favourite' models in 40k but I think I have to say that drop pods are one of my favourite concepts to see come alive on the table.  When marines deploy and you look at the aftermath of the game and there are tons of empty pods scattering the battlefield it brings me nerd joy.  Plopping these down and opening the doors up just looks so cool when it's done en mass.  I went a little overboard on the wash on this one though so it's REALLY weathered.  I know in the fluff they always land upside down, sideways or explode (or so it seems) so I should just be happy this lands with a few chips!
To do the little orb thing (which I assume is a map) I added a bunch of different blue colours to a really watered down foundation paint and stirred.  It gave a swirly globe sort of look.

You can never have too many hazard chevrons!  I've got 2 lucius pods and another drop pod right now that are unbuilt.  I think I'll try to grab a 3rd normal pod and then put those 4 together all at the same time.  That might be a far off project though.  It would be really nice to drop pod a significant chunk of guys.  We did so in an apocalypse game I recently played and my team dropped 80 marines on the enemy in one corner and it was fairly effective and definately forged a narrative :)


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