Reclusiam Project Part 3 - Dreadnought

Here's my finished chaplain dreadnought.  In game he'll count as an ironclad most likely.  I would probably take an ironclad with two close combat weapons and heavy flamers but I think this makes the model just look better (I really wanted to mount a book to the shoulder).  I think the forge world sculpt has just enough bone pieces on it to convey the image (in the legs and the chest) and although I'm not a huge fan of dreadnoughts I really wanted to paint this.

I also tried my hand as doing some free hand which I'm pretty loathe to do and painted up the book text with a fist icon.  I'm sure it's some sort of litergy of hate and instructions on how to smite the enemy.

This is the shot really showing how the model is tied in with the rest of the chapter.  The iconic Emerald Fist and the matching shoulder plate. 

He got to play in a game most recently and the small number of attacks was just brutal.  I really think walkers need some sort of smash attack that hits everything in base to base.  Maybe next edition; for now he will probably mostly guard my display case.  On to the next chaplain!


  1. Great work! Love how the book turned out, and the crozius is awesome!


    1. Thanks man. I tried to customize it quite a bit though now I regret the hurricane bolter. It will probably just count as a ccw lol


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