Emerald Fist Legion Basilisk - Plasticard

I built this I think last year and never got around to painting it. Now that the Heresy books have come out and space marines can have a basilisk by canon (also FW is making one) I decided to convert this tank into a more legion looking tank. I ripped off the old copula on the bottom and put in a marine with a heavy

bolter to keep it WYSIWYG. Also this adds credence to it not being an IG vehicle and it having BS4. I put a rhino 'fist' hatch on the back as well and a bit of iconography. Not sure when I'll get to painting it but it has definately been moved up in the queue (most likely the next batch of white marines).

It will also be used in our apocalypse games so I don't need to take allies (we play far more regimented games than suggested).


  1. Really cool. I love the assault gun look

    1. Thanks! I'm just a bit unsure what to paint green on the hull of this to blend it with my army. Maybe the lower recessed parts of the chimera?


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