[Conversion] Simple Centurion Conversion

I sat staring at my centurion parts for quite some time, and I have to say I really like the armour, but can't stand the clunky weapon mounts for all the same reasons the ironclad dreadnought looks like a knuckle dragging gorilla. My solution to this (as of 1am last night) is to magnetize the right arm to be the ranged weapon (not really worried about representing twin link) and having a fist as the other arm akin to a mini dreadnought. I think it's much more visually appealing.  As simple as this is I doubt I'm the first to come up with it but I haven't seen it online yet so thought I'd share for anyone else on the fence about these.  For the close combat variants I might replace the right fist with an inbuilt drill so that it isn't underslung (which is my whole issue with the model).  Also going to leave the front kilt/armour piece off I think.  It bulks them out way too much.

My 2nd thought done in the morning, was to do away with the arms all together and just mount the weapons right to the shoulders which is more WYSIWYG than having the fist there.  It would also let me differentiate between the CC versions that would just have two fists (and no need for drill work).

I'm leaning toward this 2nd option.