[Conversion] Centurion Devestators

I spent some time with putty to try out different things, and talked to some friends and decided to go with option 2.  Here's my centurion squad.  I think leaving off the kilt makes them look a bit more mobile, and the directly attached weapons make it look more like a suit since the arms of the armour really had no function.  I think these look more anatomical which makes them more pleasing to the eye as well.  It is almost like the kit was made to be assembled this way and 1/8" magnets fit right into the weapon ports pretty easily.  I also wanted to have a distinct way to tell the sergeant apart (other than those silly standards or helmet crests) and put the largest brass etch detailing on him (middle guy).  I may add a few more purity seals if the mood strikes me.


  1. not bad. mini dreadnought in appearance, these are more of a bridge between dread-terminators than the original vanilla kit is.

    1. I definately went for a mini dreadnought look. Super simple and it allows weapon swapping a lot easier. Not ground breaking but something different :)


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