Deathwatch Space Marine Squad WIP

I have had these parts to make these models since sometime late 2011 and I was going to use them as sternguard.  Various other projects took precedence they sat in a box.  I bought and traded for the bits to make 1 Dark Angel, a Space Wolf, Blood Angel, Ultramarine and an Imperial Fist.  Basically because each of these chapters had some sort of fairly defined bits and were first founding which is what I wanted to capture. 

With the new space marine codex out and the improvement of legion of the damned (and them not using chapter tactics) I thought this would be a good opportunity to finish them off.  It was also going to be a nice break from all of the white I've been painting in the last year for the Emerald Fists.  I armed them with  magnetised weapons but opted to paint up plasma weaponry which I thought would be nice with the ignores cover.  Also I am usually happy to paint plasma since the blue effect always makes a model look better.  The second picture is the black coating done and working on the silver. The fluff says it's electroplated silver so I decided not to paint any of the skulls in a bone colour and just let the silver speak for itself. 
I also mounted them to generic plastic bases since I've got a pile of 20 or so preflock/painted bases that I made a while back to save time in the future.