Deathwatch Space Marine Killteam Complete

Deathwatch Killteam Squad
I'm done my Deathwatch Killteam which will be used as legion of the damned.  These were a nice break from the Emerald Fist white I've been doing for a year or so.  Each model is a unique assortment of bits to be characteristically 'of a chapter' so that even though they're black an observer will see a Space Wolf for example.  I also changed the bolters to have magazines from imperial guard grenade launchers.  I like the large drum look.  I also added some scopes to justify the ignoring of cover.  These guys are just THAT good I figure.  The black was painted using chaos black as a base coat followed by a very dark blue grey airbrushed top down.  I then drybrushed adeptus battlegray and astronomicon grey before a wash of badab black.  I toughed up the edges with astronomicon grey to pop the highlights after.
The silver shoulders were done with leadbelcher followed by mithril silver and a black wash then another drybrush of mithril to pop and 'polish'.  The fluff says it's electroplated silver so I decided not to paint any of the skulls in a bone colour and just let the silver speak for itself.  I also tried my hand at a freehand fist outline on the loincloth of the Imperial Fist which I hope is recognizable enough.  The only issue now is who gets to play sergeant in this squad?  I probably should have thought of that beforehand and given one of them a combi plasma.  Maybe next time if I add another 5 guys to these ones to represent other chapters.  I'm thinking Ravenguard in full Mark 6 Corvus, an Ironhand if I can source some bionics, a Soul Drinker, Crimson Fist and a Black Templar.  Since these guys will be fighting alongside my Emerald Fists I figure there's a chance the kill teams are just lending a hand to fellow Sons of Dorn not to mention I have bits and shoulder pads to make them.