Shrine of the Aquila - Ruined and Painted!

I finished the last of my ruined terrain this weekend (well almost last).  The last chunks of my terrain were shown here:  Terrain 1 Aegis Line Terrain 3.  I decided last fall that I'd put far too much time into completing models and not into making terrain.  My buildings looked like crap and it took away from the cinematic feel during game play.  A little effort on terrain goes a long way and ties the whole table together.
Painting them up didn't take too long and once done really makes the table look like a battlefield.  I bought the shrine of the aquila set solely so a friend could hide his paper dark eldar ships in a bit more safety, and he ensures that he takes this terrain during set up 100% of the time.  Having it grey started to bother me (so did him not suffering any negatives since there was no crater attached at the time haha).   Filthy xenos will now have to take dangerous terrain tests on their vehicles.
I used birch plywood from a craft store for the bases and cut them out with a jigsaw.  I roughed the bottom of the plastic terrain up with 40grit sandpaper and then glued with a mix of super glue and wood glue, clamped them down and let it dry.  The pieces I'd constructed in the fall have been used 2 dozen times by now and I've had no issue with the bonds breaking. A friend and I were talking last week about these terrain set ups and the crater really adds to the 'ruin' effect.  My old buildings were just ruins and looked half done.  Now it looks like a barrage destroyed this church.  It also provides better game play by adding movement modifiers and various coversaves; all of which make the game more tactical and interesting to play.

I ran out of craters (not that there was a small enough one for this anway) so this one is just flat.  It's perfectly size for a rhino hull to hide in though so it is probably better it is flat.  Good hiding spot for manticores and such. 
I picked up another pack of battlefield craters for future terrain projects (just 1 more ruined piece I swear) and maybe a titan base.  The next terrain piece I make will either be another ruin, some tank traps or a forest.  But those aren't taken much during game set up so I haven't been super motivated.  More models for now!


  1. Totally agree with you about taking away from a game if it's just plain plastic buildings, I started the year with a number of terrain pieces - it's good because you can be rougher with painting and they are big pieces done quickly.

    It adds so much more to the game playing with beautifully painted minis on beautiful painted scenery! I have made a vow this year to do my terrain - so far so good.

    1. I'll definately second your comment about being rougher with the painting. While still trying to 'stay in the lines' I'm by no means as nitpicky as I would be on a line soldier.


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