Emerald Fist Terminators WIP

I'm in the middle of painting up 10 terminators for a campaign I'm involved in and this is where I'm at with the loyalists.  The white armour shading is all done now I'm working on details.  Basically everything else still needs basecoating and highlighting (crux, fists, weapons, metals, eyes etc.).  10 at a time is a little slow going but I should get there in a couple of weeks.  The brass etching (you can see some on the knees) held the primer well enough and I think will work out nicely.  The placement also adds colour to where there normally wouldn't be any.  With a model like this you really want them too look elite and special.  Not just 'large marines' and I think extra bling can help that.  I tossed 2-3 extra purity seals on each guy as well to mark them out.  Paired with those on the forgeworld pads they have quite a few battle honours now.
I'm interested to see how they work out.  I'll probably just walk them around the battle field alongside my rhinos when they get played.  I'm a bit hesitant to deepstrike (worried they won't arrive).  So running them will get them in range by turn 2 most likely with the 24" range.  I'm also happy that the sergeant can take a power axe since the errata. 


  1. The weatherbeaten white looks fantastic, man. Great work!

    1. Thanks. I'm working on 5 nurgle ones at the same time so I may have gotten carried away on the dirtiness of the loyalists; but I really like it!


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