Nurgle Word Bearer Dark Apostle Fluff

I'm painting up a dark apostle for my Emerald Fists and needed a way to make him stand out visually and also have some fluff to back him up.  I felt a Word Bearer was the best way to do this and here's the fluff to go with the campaign I'm working on.  I used the Chosen Sergeant from dark vengeance and I must say the model is perfect for what I wanted.  Just a few more finishing touches and he'll be ready to never hit a table haha

The dark apostle Kor Ikthon was instrumental in creating the Nurgle cults on Bruj Secundus and lead his cult followers in battle during the initial ambush against the Raven Guard on Occulum. After blooding the population of Bruj Secundus and sealing their fate, Kor Ikthon translated out of system to further his own goals leaving the Fists to their own devices. Shown here, the daemon infused power armour worn by Ikthon has been imbued with lesser beings through rites of binding. The Book of Lorgar is carried at his side, its words capable of turning entire planets to his whim. Sacred texts have been inscribed on both armour and flesh offering wards and boons to their bearer.