Imperial Ambit - Fluff Compendium WIP

A friend of mine from and I are collaborating to create an Imperial Armour-esque book involving my chaos Emerald Fists and his Raven Guard.  It's pretty fun and exciting and is motivating me to paint units that I want painted but don't want to paint (ever get that feeling?)

Anway the intro begins with the Schism of the Fists which then leads into Chapter 1.  Here is an excerpt for those interested.  Everything is a work in progress at this point though

Chapter 1 – The Fall of Bruj

With the whispers of the Dark Apostle Kor Ikthon ever in his ear, Roscius, the Betrayer, Prince of Nurgle, bid his followers to the system of Bruj to reinforce the region in an effort to pave the way for Abadon's 13th Black Crusade. Lord Kurnex was given command of a large contingent of traitor Emerald Fists and a small fleet. As progeny of the Imperial Fist's Primarch, Rogal Dorn, the Emerald Fists were masters of defence despite their misplaced loyalty to the powers of the warp. They were tasked with overseeing the construction of vast fortifications around Bruj Secundus to control the major warp routes passing through the system. Near 952.1M41 the small fleet descended on Bruj Secundus and quickly overwhelmed the planetary governor’s palace in secret. Through the use of cult followers brought with the fleet, the planetary defence force and the civilian population were quickly brought to heel. The population continued to function as normal unknowing of the corruption holding the seat of power on the world.

Within weeks the population was tasked with reinforcing the bulwarks and planetary defence structures surrounding the Departmento Ministorum stores under the watchful eye of Lord Kurnex. The work detail quickly increased in duration and frequency and the hard labour led to many injuries and decrepitude among the workforce. Cults of Nurgle began to spring up as the overworked populace turned to the aid of the apostles walking among them.

Rumours soon escaped the palace walls of the coup when the propaganda surrounding the former governor’s absence lost weight among the concerned mercantile guilds. Staff still loyal to the Imperium managed to send word of Space Marines far removed from the light of the Emperor who were controlling the population to their own end. Along with pict images of the marine's insignia the plea for help made its way to Inquisitor Septanius Tritonirus of the Ordo Malleus though his various acolytes in the Sector.


  1. Great background so far. I like the idea of an coup going on without the knowlage of the general populace... very alpha legion!

    1. Thanks man. I'm going to expand that section slightly to flesh out how the took over the palace.

      Very slow process :)


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