Herald of Nurgle

A resilient body and a stronger soul can hold a plague of Nurgle at bay for a time. The mortal soul is slowly leached into the warp as the plague ravages the body. The longer one resists the taint of corruption the stronger the plague bearer born of the tormented soul in the immaterium. The most powerful of these beings become heralds of Nurgle. Their pestilent bodies hemorrhage and ooze puss in a blighted trail across the battlefield as they lead packs of lesser plague bearers to the mortal realm. These beings often grafted with crude implements reminiscent of ancient surgical tools slice open their victims and leave them to fester with the many poxes of the Lord of Decay. Inevitably the cries of suffering they leave among the dying will herald the arrival of more powerful of their kind. Once the veil between the realms is raised to the followers of Nurgle only the most resolute of opposition can hope to banish the tide of death.