[Terrain] Ruin and Crater WIP

I did more work on my ruins today.  The look I'm going for here is a former Imperial Building that was destroyed by a blast so energetic that it crushed most of the building and turned the soil to molten rock.  Here you can see some plague marines traversing the ruin.  I went to apply some flock to the front of the building (where it should be intact/thriving but the colour I have is wrong.  I'll have to go buy more later to match my battle board.  I'm keeping the details on the ruin itself muted and limited since it shouldn't be a focal point.  I picked out the skulls, lamps, and scrolls but left the wiring/buttons and robed figures as part of the building.  There's also no crap and debris in the wreckage since I've played on terrain like that and it isn't functional at all.


  1. That molten effect you are going for definitely looks the part, highly effective.

    1. Haha not much choice. The plastic crater is pretty bland with dull edges.


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