[Terrain] City Ruins WIP

In a game where people put so much into their armies there is always so little effort put into terrain.  I am obviously no different but for 2013 I am going to make an effort to change that.  No, it isn't a resolution I just happened to go to a craft store today to grab the base board for the project I've been discussing for a month with friends.  When gaming with the ruin terrain I have it is pretty common to run into issues where there is no real penalty for driving beneath the 'footprint' of the ruin.  Of course the new edition clearly tells you if there is no footprint it is clear terrain. 
Makes sense of course but it is tactically limiting and looks bad.  So with the battlescape craters I already owned, I decided to mount them to my existing ruins and 1/8" plywood.  The photo shows my plan.  I still have to run out and buy a jigsaw to cut the wood.  I've traced a slightly larger shape around the scenery as well.  I'm also going to use this opportunity (initiative) to repaint/finish the crappy paint job I did 3 or 4 years ago.  In the midle you can see the browns I am going to use.  They're cheap acrylics from the craft store but I'm assuming on such a large scale it won't matter much.

These should, with the colour choices and fullness of the base itself, make my gaming table look a lot better than it already does.  The only downside is I'm basically losing 4 pieces of terrain which makes it hard to fill the d3 per section.  May have to grab some more.