[Terrain] City Ruin/Crater WIP

I went out and bought a jigsaw on sale today for $25 and cut out the bases for two of my terrain scenes.  I sanded the plywood with 60 grit sandpaper and then 150 grit to smooth the edges.  Once that was all done I wasn't sure which glue to use so I sanded the bottom of the crater and building with 60 grit paper then applied Elmer's wood glue along all of the edges followed by super glue on all of the outer tips.  I clamped the hell out of it and am letting it dry.  I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll have a solid piece.  Maybe the glue will fail miserably but I hope not!  I actually can't make a second base until it dries since I'm out of clamps.  I should say though for anyone who doesn't have any, the clamps here were a $20 set and I use them CONSTANTLY for assembling models and they're irreplaceable.  If this glue works I'll make the second of four and paint them two at a time.