[Terrain] Aegis Defence Line Painted

13th Company Long Fangs man the outer defence lines
As part of my new urge to paint all of my terrain I figured that I should get an aegis defence line painted.  I bought the Imperial Strongpoint when it came out so I have I think 3 lines worth of walls (which I really don't need).  So I sorted it all out, kept one and can sell and trade the rest.  I've only used the fortification once and I liked it and the internet consensus seems to agree that they're worth the points.  Again I stuck with just basic painting to make it tabletop ready and not take forever.  A couple hours watching a movie and the defence line was done.  I followed more of the same practise as my ruins and used the same colour scheme.  I think I prefer the unified colour scheme for the terrain instead of painting this something contrasting like grey.  I really like the texture that was put into these models as even the flat panels have subtle texture which really picks up the drybrush well to break up the large panels.