Nurgle Lord with Jump Pack conversion

Lately I've been running a normal lord in a rhino with my nurgle CSM and it's a waste of points.  I knew this at the time but didn't have a suitable alternative that could also unlock plague marines as troops.  I'm in the process of getting a biker lord done up to run with spawn but also wanted another alternative.  I've opted for a lord with a jump pack that can keep pace with some raptors.  I think the ability to add blight grenades to the squad and a character to strike at I5 will be really nice.  I'll probably try out running him with either a murder sword or lightning claws to take advantage of the I5.  In this situation my raptor sergeant will probably get an axe so I can issue challenges with the most appropriate guy.  To make this model I took the legs and pack from a warp talon and attached them to the forge world nurgle upgrade bits.  It gives a nice chaotic feel to my lord which compared to the rest of the army should probably be more warped.  With this pose and a 40 mm base he's quite large and will definately stand out among his raptors.