Emerald Fists - First Tactical Squad

I've finally finished the first tactical squad I've painted in 3 or 4 years.  These guys are also now the only tactical marines I own.  I've been saying for years that I've missed having some and it really limited my build options (scouts only).  The best part of these guys in my mind is that all of the special weapons are on magnets and one of the bolters even comes off.  I'll be able to sub these guys into CSM lists with two special weapons quite easily which is a plus.  I do have to come up with fluff for the squad though so that will be on its way when I'm bored at work.  I'm now also seriously short on painted rhinos for these guys so they'll be moved up the queue along with another squad of ten.
This sergeant is also a metal model from some old devestator box set I'd purchased second hand and luckily he didn't have any dev markings.  I still have the rest of his squad and I'm going to paint those up as bolter devs to use as wounds (probably never) but also as havocs with plasma/melta guns.  In my long goal of making a complete company of these guys I really want each model to actually be useful; making two 10 man dev squads with 10 bullet catchers isn't really helpful so having them able to take special weapons as havocs will fill two roles nicely.