Counts-as Typhus Conversion

After reading the HQ section of the Chaos codex again while staring at the new plague toads I have, I decided to make a Typhus.  This guy will be my counts-as Typhus.  I realize he's in power armour but I'm going to chalk the 2+ 5++ up to the daemon mount and no one in my group will care.  Additionally the rider can be removed and I can double the toad model as an obliterator.  I guess this guy would also work as a lord on palanquin too.  Just so many uses!
I still have a little greenstuff work to do in the joints where I cut up the biker legs to straddle the frog but after that he should be good to paint.  I'm going to paint the 3 toads first most likely and then the lord.  All of this will of course wait though for the tactical squad I've been putting off for a while.