Manticore Conversion from Chimera

I sat down last night and put the finishing touches on my Manticore.  I had two of the official GW models but they lacked the ability to be modular.  This one just uses the bog standard whirlwind turret with four missiles.  I added some sprue to the bottom of the turret so that it can lock into the chimera.  I really wanted something that could swap back and forth between a hydra, manticore or chimera depending on my needs for the game. 
I love this tank!  Now that I can start the game and place terrain wherever I want I just put a line of sight blocking piece in a back corner and hide behind it.  Str 10 ordnance is awesome and I face a lot of nobs and nob bikers.  The strength 10 is huge for ignoring FNP.

On the side of the missile pod you can see an ork and ravenguard marker which symbolize the two games where the manticore single handedly won the games for me with its opening salvo. 
Here are the other versions of the tank (two of the hulls I've done).


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