Emerald Fist Master of the Siege - complete

Captain Marcus Galba of the 3rd Company holds the honoured rank of Master of the Siege within the Emerald Fists.  This position is akin to the Master of the Arsenal common to codex chapters and holds much prestige as would any such position among a successor of the Imperial Fists.  The strong tradition of siege warfare among the Fists led to the 3rd company being among the first in the chapter to reach full strength after the Schism, second only to the 1st company.  Although the Fists do not bear the standard Codex Astartes colours on their armour, Galba wears it proudly here on the inside of his cloak, a mark of his station.  The 3rd company has been instrumental in hunting the tainted and assailing their fortified positions in no small part to Galba's command.  Calm and collected, Galba exemplifies this hallmark trait of the Emerald Fists.  Shown here, triumphant after laying siege to Bronux Prime, Captain Galba carries many relics of the chapter including an Emerald Fist and advanced signum unit from before the days of the Horus Heresy, handed down as heirlooms from their parent chapter.
Probably worth mentioning paint order for the white/cream:

Base (dhenab stone) > airbrush wych flesh > airbrush devlan mud > drybrush dhenab > drybrush wych flesh > drybrush skull white

I found this gives good depth of colour while offering some shade and being relatively easy.  I'm all about the drybrush.


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