[BatRep] IG and Nurgle vs CSM

I played a 1750 game recently and wanted to share.  I used guard with nurgle allies against a pure CSM list with lots of khorne and tzeenchian sorcery.  This isn't a step by step but highlights some of the cooler happenings.  I'll share my end game thoughts at the bottom.

Punisher lines up on some thousand sons
"Drive these lambs forward toward the relic!" Lord Plebus rasped over the vox link from his command rhino.  "We'll not have these blood thirsty fools and their wizards take Nurgle's prize".  The rhino flanked the chimeras and ground troops of their cult followers as Emerald Fist havoks took up fire positions behind them.  Lord Plebus directed their heavy armour to the opposite flank to rain down upon the enemy.

The Tzeenchian and Khorne fools drove onward standing abreast with a semblance of order in the night.  As they closed on the forward chimeras, the Khorne warband tasted blood.  With a feral howl from the rhino engines the rhinos broke rank and surged forward. 

Heretical guard form the screen for the elite troops
The cultist guard artillery opened fire on the approaching horde and their manticore struck a direct hit with its bombardment.  Whether it was the manticore alone or the supporting exterminator that inflicted the damage would be argued later over blood games in the rebel camp.  Regardless of the gunner's pride, when the smoke cleared two rhinos and a dreadnought lay smouldering.

Khorn Beserkers take cover in runes with the help of invisibility
The khorne warband's havoks laid down suppressing fire from their rooftop perches, pinning guardsmen and halting their advance.  Under the rain of frag and krak missiles the Khorne lord screamed toward the west flank on his jump pack followed by a rhino full of blood thirsty maniacs.  More khorne beserkers ran straight ahead into the crater identified as the resting place of the holy relic.  As they approached their images began to distort before fading entirely from view.  Human eyes nor power armoured sensors could detect their presence - though the screams of bloodlust rang across the battlefield.

Hammer of wrath wins an assault
Following the sounds of anger the Emerald Fist Raptors plunged into the crater swinging blindly.  Tyrian, champion of nurgle and leader of the raptor pack barely felt the bolt round explode on the side of his helm.  He turned and saw a faint outline of a blood soaked khorne marine.  Accepting the obvious challenge he ignited his jetpack and soared toward the fool.  An instant later Tyrian felt the satisfying crunch of ceremite beneath his feet as the khorne champion faded back into view, a pool of blood, ichor and ceremite.

Lord Plebus disembarked from his rhino transport with his entourage of plague marines under a hail of bolter fire.  Their slow advance was not hindered as they crashed into the khorne beserkers.  Plebus held the khorne warlod lord high in the grip of his powerfist.  "Misguided filth", the khorn warlord spat a moment before his head was pulped in the emerald fist.  Plebus looked to the sky awaiting a surge of power from his offering to nurgle but was disapointed, the offering obviously too pitiful to warrent any recognition from the gods.  Without breaking stride the marines advanced on the relic.  Lord Plebus broke off and headed directly for the tzeenchian sorcerer, a far more worthy soul. 

Warlord Plebus challenges the Sorcerer
"Your petty parlour tricks will not see your life spared" he gurgled; phlegm bubbling up through his mouth grill.  The sorcerer unleashed a torrent of raw psychic energy into Plebus.  "There you are" he whispered, anticipating the kill of such a powerful enemy.  Unholy energy arced off his ceramic coloured pauldrons and cracked across his breastplate.  The smell of burnt flesh filled his nostrils and renewed his vigour.  "Die witch" he roared in triumph as he caught the force staff in his gauntletted hand and carried through his swing into the skull of the sorcerer.  The sorcerer's head shattered like a dropped glass.  The cheering onlookers were silenced and turned to run.  "Let them go" Plebus commanded as his rhino stopped beside him.  "We need to get the relic to the Glorious Death".
I really like the options in the new CSM book.  Both of us took quite a few havok teams which are now significantly cheaper.  I upgraded all of my marines to nurgle marks which is also quite a bit less expensive now.  The game was pretty one sided which was partly due to bad rolls on my friend's part at bad times but also the khorne rhino rush just isn't what it used to be.  He knew this but had to try it one more time.  The challenges were cool since no one could wimp out and we almost spawned demon princes 4 times (rolling 64's on the chart).  I can't wait for that to happen!