Allies - Paint or Die Month 2 - Tau

 Continuing his entry into the Tau universe my buddy finished some Firewarriors.  I'm sure he'll be using them and his painted commander next game since they're a legal ally now (1 troop and 1 HQ).  I've never been able to pull off line highlighting well nor really had the patience but I like the effect it has here.  The 'Tau Sept Ochre' colour is also a really nice change in the drab of the 41st millennium without being 'in your face' bright.  Over the next couple days I'll post the rest of the entries.


  1. Very nice, clean paint job.

    It is a bit of a shame though that it is the usual 'codex brown' colour scheme he's using rather than something fresh...

    1. He's a by the book kind of guy. He really liked the codex sept colour so he went with it. I usually see a lot of grey minis so any colour is good colour :) I like Tau Sept Ochre though so maybe I'm biased.


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