Emerald Fists Assault Squad Larcius

Squad Larcius, 3rd company, 7th squad
During the Schism of the Fists, a grievous blow was dealt to the Emerald Fists with nearly 3/4 of their chapter turned traitor, purged or killed.  Much of the chapter was reorganised into functional companies.  Since this restructuring the Fists have not worn company colours on their shoulder guards although each marine remains a part of a standard company.  As many of the younger battle brothers were purged, when it came time to promote a new sergeant due to battle field loses, the pool from which to draw was limited and had the Schism not occurred sergeant Larcius may not have been granted a promotion.  He does not excel in combat or marksmanship however his ability to capture objectives without friendly loses earmarked him for leadership.  In these dark times when the Emerald Fists are rebuilding their strength, every battle brother's life is sacred.