Emerald Fist Sorcerer/Librarian Idea

Images c/o Forgeworld
I just placed an order for this disgusting fellow from Forgeworld today.  I just finished a 1500 point game with my new nurgle toys and I'd like to have a fully fleshed out forge world army and this guy will help to do that.  My thoughts for painting him up though aren't solid.  I have two options; paint him white to match the emerald fist base colour scheme, or paint him blue to appear like a fallen librarian.  Option 1 will let him count as a captain or sorcerer while option 2 will be fun to paint alongside my sevrin loth model.  Pretty certain option two will win here.  I'm going to hold off painting loth until the nurgle fellow arrives and do them at the same time.  It will also allow me to flesh out my backstory even more.

The Necrosius rules on the FW site are also pretty cool though in the current rulebook it's really hard not to just take lash of submission. 

I think having him in blue with nurgle's rot about him will make him stand out nicely in the army too and contrast well with all of the greens and browns about him.  I'll work on a battle report from that game as well to share this weekend.