Emerald Fist - Plague Marine Fluff

I'm currently working on part 2 of my paint or die -allies edition submission.  The squad of plague marines for my Emerald Fists.  I wanted to give some background to some of the characters in the army even though they're fallen, they had to get there somehow.

Aulus Villius was inducted into the ranks of the Emerald Fists near 844.M41 after passing successful genetic screening tests.  Like all inductees to the chapter, he was a survivor.  After losing his mother and father at age 10 to the ork horde ravaging his home world he fled to the nearby forests.  Alone and constantly avoiding speed freak patrols he was forced to fend for himself for over a year before relief came to the planet in the form of the Emerald Fists.  Flushed from the forest during a whirlwind attack he ran straight into the leg of apothecary Roscius.  The apothecary was amazed that a human boy could survive in the wilds amidst a tide of greenskins and had him taken by rhino to the fleet's apothecarium for implantation. 

Mission after mission passed with Villius honing his skills amid the 7th company under the paternal eye of Roscius.  Eventually he received the order to deploy to the eye of terror with his company for what promised to be the largest operation he had yet been apart of. 

When the plague began to ravage the Emerald Fists fleet his fall should have served no surprise to any who understood his survival instinct.  When Roscius offered an escape Villius quickly scarred the 3-rings of nurgle to his flesh; Roscius would watch out for him.  As one of Roscius' favoured, Villius became a champion of nurgle and is indentured for eternity;  his life and more importantly his soul are no longer his own to safeguard.