[BatRep] 1500 Orks vs CSM (nurgle)

So I will open with saying that I lied about completely nurgle, I substituted a nurgle daemon prince for a slaanesh one with wings and lash; just couldn't help it. Anyway my list was two 7 man plague marine squads in rhinos, a vindicator, plague hulk, two blight drones and the slaanesh DP.

The ork list consisted of a battle wagon with nobs and a big mek in mega armour, a squad of bikes with a warboss, 2 squads of boyz in trucks and 2 squads of 3 koptas with missiles.
Turn 1
I won to steal the initiative but didn't have much for options.  I moved my raptors into cover and failed I think 6 dangerous terrain rolls (crazy - but passed them all but 1).  My plague hulk did nothing and I passed the turn.  The ork player did as all orks do, and moved toward me.  He had kept one trukk squad and the 6 kopters in reserve.  Pretty boring turn as it was just positioning.

Turn 2 - CSM
Turn two saw me fail my reserve roll for the two blight drones (they would have been handy).  I moved the plague hulk toward the battle wagon and the vindicator forward.  I sped my rhino with 2 melta guns forward and the rhino with the plasma gunners moved to protect the rear of the vindicator from copters.  I lashed his bikes into an ordnance position and blasted with the vindicator.  I killed 2 I believe.  The plague hulk targetted the battle wagon in such a way as to also hit the bikes (I believe this is legal) and then charged.  I totalled the wagon and I think 1/2 the bikes died.

Turn 2 - Orks
His reserve rolls were better than mine and everything came on.  His outflanks performed perfect and the 6 kopters came on and blasted my slaanesh daemon prince off of the table with excellent missile fire.  The mega armoured squad demolished the plague hulk (which only killed a single nob) and his warboss wrecked the vindicator.  Assault was not friendly to my vehicles.  On the bright side even though his bikes shot my rhino to death (wrecked it), once he assaulted with his 3 remaining bikes I over watched one to death and won the assault forcing the nob to run away.  I consolidated away to my left toward his copters with my 7 plague marines.

Turn 3 - CSM
On turn 3 only one blight drone decided it was worth while to enter the table.  It went straight for the copters nearest to it along with the plasma rhino.  They managed to kill 1 and wound another in the squad which forced them to fall back.  The plague marine squad that was now on foot moved again toward the other kopter squad, shot and charged.  I managed to feel no pain out of some missile shots and wiped the kopters out.  I moved the raptors  across the field into the truck squad (which was immobilized on an objective).  The assault did not go well and I lost a good 1/2 of my squad.  I did managed to kill 3-4 orks though which would be important later.

Turn 3 - Orks

The ork warboss, after destroying my vindicator moves to assist the truck boys that were immobilized with my raptors.  He obliterates them after I kill 3-4 more orks.  His kopter squad fails to regroup and falls back again.  The trukk squad nearest my plague marines disembarks and charges; our characters power fist eachother to death and nothing else happens here.  The mega armoured guys continue to trudge toward an objective.

Turn 4 - CSM
My plasma rhino unloads on the mega armoured nobs.  My second blight drone comes on and moves to hit the mega armoured squad as well.  The other blight drone follows his kopters and kills another, forcing the last to leave the table.  The close combat with the plague marines continues with no marines dying (needing sixes to wound does not help him much). 

Turn 4 - Orks

His warboss continues to speed toward the action and is now lined up to help the boys.  The mega nobs wreck the last rhino in assault (not before I make 3 overwatch plasma shots)  and I wipe the boyz in assault. 

Turn 5 - CSM

Night fight turns on and my blight drones move to kill the boys that had destroyed my raptors, sitting on an objective.  Even with a 2+ coversave I get lucky and wipe them out to the man.  My melta plague marines (from killing boyz) move down to fight the nobs and the plasma marines move to skirt them and contest the objective.  I assume game will end and best case, score is 1-2 (first blood me and he's killed my warboss/linebreaker).  Everyone shoots into the nobs and maybe 1 dies (poor rolling on my end).

Turn 5 - Orks

The warboss charges the plasma marines and the nobs charge the melta marines.  This combat drags on thanks to feel no pain and the plague marine champion from the plasma squad heroically sacrifices himself to the warboss.

Turn 6 - CSM
The game continues and my blight drones enter hover mode to shoot the mega nobs again.  By now, from random fire they've taken wounds on most of their models (can't do this anymore! - thank you errata) and they're actually starting to die.  I lose 1 or two marines to the warboss.

The warboss before he runs like a little grot
Turn 6 - Orks
Nothing but close combat here, the melta marines die to the meganobs and the warboss loses two wounds to the plague marines while only killing 1.  He now takes a leadership, fails, and gets run down!  Best string of rolls ever.  The plague marines rejoice and move back to the objective to contest.

Turn 7 - CSM
The final decimated battle field
Game goes on again sadly as it was a 2-2 tie at this point.  I can do nothing but shoot into the meganobs (there are only 2 and the big mek now) but I had a major screw up and had removed a plasma gunner during the warboss fight.  That will teach me to have unpainted models...  He passes all of his armour saves and the blight drones also miss.  Actually one missed so bad it landed on my plague marines and wounded them all, I saved all but 1 luckily thanks to cover. 

Turn 7 - Orks
No brainer here, the orks charge into the plague marines, wipe them out and consoladate back onto the objective.

Victory 4-2 Orks.

This was a super close game and I think we each had somewhere around 250 points left on the table.  Super fun and was back and forth many times.  My plague marines performed admirably and I think I'll have to do another 7 man squad up to replace the crappy raptors.

I really like the blight drones.  They didn't do anything spectacular but they're a nice well rounded unit.  The ork player didn't bother to shoot at them but they do have BS2 and miss huge when they miss.  The ork unit that was the biggest pain was the mega nob squad, I just couldn't reduce them enough with the LOS rolls and the 2+ save.  Now that the LOS doesn't work the same I'm far less worried but will probably be replacing the raptors with a plague marine plasma squad which should balance the list out even more against marines and stuff.  Super excited about CSM right now...