3 Player Warhammer 40k Mission

Updated rule set here based on playtest.  For whatever reason, I couldn't get a fourth guy to play tomorrow night so I had to come up with a fun way to play a 3 player game.  We've all done the 2v1 thing and it gets old (or at least doesn't seem quite right).  3 player games also have the problem a lot of the time of making it a 2 on 1.  I've attempted to solve those problems with the ruleset I came up with.  This definately could cause some problems for certain armies but I think if played right wouldn't matter too much.  The fact that you don't need to hold the objective, merely be on it allows some of the squishier troops in the game to still function.  Wave after wave is how the guard work is it not!

Anyway our game will be 3 flavours of CSM and SM so it won't really matter and this is as fair as I could think up.

Points limit: 1750 per side - this might seem like a lot but with the scattered arrival stuff should die to make room quick enough.  I wanted it to seem like a huge scrum anyway. 

Table Set up: Game is played on a 4 x 4' table, D3 terrain per quarter. Middle of the table is 'the hill' - I'll be setting up my RoBB this way).

Deployment: All units start off the board and may arrive turn 1 on a roll of 3+ (3+ turn 2, auto turn 3) unless in reserve (deepstrike/outflank arrive as normal, 3+ turn 2 etc.). To arrive, roll a D6 which corresponds to 4 of the table edges (1-4) and a 5-6 you choose the edge. This is done for every unit walking on. Deepstriking arrives as normal.

Backstory - The forces have been battling for days when suddenly a warp rift is detected in sector 42-51Alpha. As small skirmishes were being fought across Prinzel IV forces from each army must head at all cost toward the rift. Coincidentally the rift is on a hill.  The rift is becoming more powerful with each passing moment and each warlord's forces are attempting to close/open/bask in the aura of the warp rift.

Objective - At the end of the controlling players turn they score (1*turn number) if they are within 6" of the objective (centre of table) with a scoring unit. Scoring units from opposing factions cancel eachother out if not engaged in close combat. Units engaged in close combat to not count toward units on the hill. Example: Faction A has 1 scoring unit, Faction B and C are engaged with eachother on the hill. Faction A receives points. Example 2: Faction A has 1 engaged scoring unit and 1 non scoring engaged in close combat with two units from Faction B. Faction A gains points.

Game is random turn length starting on turn 6 instead of 5.

Targetting: you may shoot into close combat not involving your army: resolve wounds as normal.
Close combat: occurs in each round of a controlling player (up to 3x if 3 players involved).
Turn order: roll at start, stays the same throughout game.
Feel free to try this out and let me know how it plays.  I tried to make it even with everything and encourage everyone to get to the middle but not limit people with tougher/weaker troops.  As you can't assault the turn you arrive, many people will be showing up on the same side as their enemies! Should be fun and full of carnage.