3 Player Warhammer 40k Mission - Updated

We played this out last night and I wanted to make some adjustedments/refinements based on our playtesting.  It was super fun and no one got doubleteamed but a few changes would definately make it better.  We'll definately be playing this way again if there's only 3 people and 1750 was perfect.  Not too crowded or anything either.

Points limit: 1750 per side - this might seem like a lot but with the scattered arrival stuff made room quick enough. I wanted it to seem like a huge scrum anyway.

Table Set up: Game is played on a 4 x 4' table, D3 terrain per quarter. Middle of the table is 'the hill' - I'll be setting up my RoBB this way).

Deployment: All units start off the board and may arrive turn 1 on a roll of 3+ (3+ turn 2, auto turn 3) unless in reserve (deepstrike/outflank arrive as normal, 3+ turn 2 etc.). To arrive, roll a D6 which corresponds to 4 of the table edges (1-4) and a 5-6 reroll. This is done for every unit walking on. Deepstriking arrives as normal.

Backstory - The forces have been battling for days when suddenly a warp rift is detected in sector 42-51Alpha. As small skirmishes were being fought across Prinzel IV forces from each army must head at all cost toward the rift. Coincidentally the rift is on a hill. The rift is becoming more powerful with each passing moment and each warlord's forces are attempting to close/open/bask in the aura of the warp rift.

Objective - Starting on turn 2; At the end of the controlling player's turn they score 1 point if they are within 6" of the objective (centre of table) with a scoring unit. Scoring units from opposing factions cancel eachother out if not engaged in close combat. Units engaged in close combat do not count toward units on the hill. Example: Faction A has 1 scoring unit, Faction B and C are engaged with eachother on the hill. Faction A receives points. Example 2: Faction A has 1 unengaged scoring unit and 1 non scoring engaged in close combat with two scoring units from Faction B. Faction A gains points.

Warlords give up 1 VP when killed.

Game is random length; 5-7 turns as normal, with night fight as normal

Targetting: you may shoot into close combat not involving your army: resolve wounds as normal.
Close combat: occurs in each round of a controlling player (up to 3x if 3 players involved).
Turn order: roll at start, stays the same throughout game.

Feel free to try this out and let me know how it plays. I tried to make it even with everything and encourage everyone to get to the middle but not limit people with tougher/weaker troops. As you can't assault the turn you arrive, many people will be showing up on the same side as their enemies! Should be fun and full of carnage