Last Models of 5th! Sanguinary Guard

My last models of 5th edition!  I really wanted to finish these for a while but procrastinated.  Spent my free time the last few days to finish them up though as I have a tournament planned (4 player round robin) on the dawn of 6th and was debating taking these.  I'm hoping something cool happens with mastercrafted but even if it doesn't, the rumors I heard about feel no pain mean that they'll have a decent soft invul against plasma weapons with a sanguinary priest in there. 

I painted the gold with zenital highlighting. They're primed black and base coated tin bits. Then I used about 3 coats of shining gold progressively higher on the model followed by a devlan mud wash and mithril silver drybrush. It's hard to actually see the tin bits but if I hold them upside down they're pure tin so it definately worked out.  I really like how this gold turned out compared to my custodes.  The darker gold/bronze looks better than the more yellow gold in my opinion.
The white is spacewolf grey then azurman blue wash before drybrushing white on it quite a lot.  I was worried they'd be bland models with the gold but having the white and the numerous blood drops everywhere to break it up made it a pretty nice unit.  I've also always liked having different coloured models on the table to break up the monotony of a single chapter and these guys definately do that amid red armoured bretheren. 


  1. Those really turned out nicely! The gold has a nice aged look to it - keep up the great work!

  2. Ah I love them. That gold is great, makes them look as though their armor has seen use and is cared for with all the due attention you read about. I get what you mean about the different colored models, specially when mine are always in a nice 80's monochromatic format.

    1. Thanks guys. Dayne you'll be able to spice that up quickly with some eldar allies! I'd suggest deathwatch marines as sternguard but they're more black :)


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