Master of the Arsenal, Siege Master

I spoke a few months back about a Crimson Fists army that I was going to start which would be the scheme for all of my foot slogging marines.  I've decided to go with a 3rd company codex scheme using the red shoulder trim.  I realize this may or may not be accurate to Crimson Fist fluff (trimming the shoulder pad) but Rynn's world does describe the green trim of 4th company.  Anyway, the third company is led by the Master of  the Arsenal so I picked up this model to make the company captain.  Imperial Armour Siege Vanguard army list indicates that the company captain of the 3rd even has a signum.  This was a really cool modelling idea I thought since most captains are really boring looking.  I picked up the bit for the signum, added a giant fist and a GK helmet with tons of electronic equipment.  I'll have to GS the GK symbol but otherwise this guy will lead my army (at least in the display cabinet when pedro isn't around).

I'm wondering if I should mount him on a 40 mm scenic base.  I have a couple that just came in the mail but I always wonder if they're too big for normal characters...

Also I should stop starting new projects.  I need to move some of these along!  Sanguinary guard and storm raven are next on the list.


  1. Very cool! Great pose, think that the fist fits right in.


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