Logan Grimnar Conversion Rebased

 To continue with my rebased special characters, here is my Logan Grimnar conversion.  Below you can see the before and after pictures.  I think the new plinth-like base is more suiting of this 275 point monster.  Well not really.  He got absolutely raped last game and every game I've ever used him in.  I think paying 275 points to unlock wolfguard as troops is a bit steep a price.  Oh well. 

The last game I played was fun though.  I ran 23 terminators including a wolf priest, rune priest and lone wolf at 1750.  Came down to turn five kill points (I had 11) but I pulled out a narrow win.  I got shot up really bad walking across the table but in the end terminator saves saved me (I got rid of all of my ones in the first two turns). 

Next up, rebased Mephiston.

I really think my space wolves need more cyclone missile launchers too (I only have 1) so walking across the table doesn't have much fire support. I have 5 wolf guard terminator bodies kicking around so if I can get some cyclones I'll make a few more.