Chaos Warhound Unboxing

 This lovely non-descript box arrived for me yesterday and I took an early afternoon from work to go pick it up.  It was so heavy!  I was filled with glee like a little kid on christmas morning.

And then I opened the box.  Damnit!  I can't believe how many pieces there are to this kit.  Also the lack of instructions are pretty daunting.  I found some online though that a guy made up and I'll post a link to when I find them again.  I'm not even sure where to start.  I'm not going to start on it until I finish this storm raven but I couldn't resist posting the parts.  This will take forever!

Also here's my Pedro Kantor on a sweet scenic base.  I think I'm going to rebase all of my named characters including meph, arjac and logan.  I'll do them all at once so that will be cool.


  1. Non-descript packages? Don't you hear the news? That could've been an Eldar foot in a box. Also really liking the bases.


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