Arjac Rockfist Rebased

I recently bought a pack of scenic 40 mm bases and have redone a bunch of my named special characters.  The first one is Arjact Rockfist.  The bases really make these guys stand out from their comrades.  I wish I had the skill to make my own (I've tried) but I don't.  I also don't have the inclination to buy special bases for each model since it would cost too much but it would certainly be nice.  Maybe if I ever find a good deal and there are unique enough bases to do numerous models then I'll rebase everyone.  For now though just Arjac, Logan, Pedro and Meph. 

Original Arjac painting article here.
These are some better pictures too of this guy than what I'd posted before.  My new lamp rocks.  Only downside to rebasing is the dirty boots.  More realistic but looks odd.  Below is a before and after.  I like the new base a lot more.  Simple and doesn't detract from the model but adds more detail than some scattered rocks.  I'm going to play him as a lonewolf I think in my next game.  We'll see if he can write some new sagas.