Starting Epic

I've decided to start assembling an Epic army.  I saw a post mentioning epic and the author had a very pretty black templar army.   And it was huge!  I looked at it and realized I could have entire companies of marines on the table in a manageable time limit.  I'm still going to build a full crimson fist company but the Epic one may get done a bit faster.  The image on the left is the actual army I just won on ebay.  I'll have to paint strip some of it but otherwise I think it's an excellent starting point.  I really can't tell from the photo what's there but 10+ rhinos, some land raiders and all of the infantry I could want should be a nice start.  I also won 6 vindicators too.

I think I'll paint them up as ultramarines.  I just can't avoid the lure of the posterchild.  I want to do them in legit companies too so at least there is back ground to support squad markings (ok just shoulder trim at that scale I'm sure).
Either way I look forward to un boxing this when it arrives.

I've seen lots of rulebook talk (I have the Epic Armaggeddon rules) and some forums but as busy as this game still appears, there isn't much painting done for it.


  1. I used to run a EPIC IG force back in the mid 90's, with all the classic Leman Russ tanks etc. Long gone to the whims of eBay, but it was a fun collection to paint and game with.

    Looks forward to your posts as you build the force :D


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