So the wife says...

So I'm listening to the Prospero Burns audiobook while painting and the misses is sitting at her desk beside me. 
As the story goes on it mentions Leman Russ and she says 'Why is that guy named after a tank.'
To which I reply 'The tank is named after the guy'.
Shocked she says 'How can a tank from world war II be named after a guy from your nerd stories?'
As I start laughing she realizes that she's just heard my friends and I mention it a couple times that she passively learned the name.  Never wanting to admit she learned some nerd terms she assumed it was a real tank from WWII.

Anyway I thought it was pretty funny and I'm sure everyone who is overly committed to the hobby has significant others who pick up tidbits of information without knowing it.   Please Share!


  1. This is awesome. I love when this happens.

    My wife is very understanding of 40k, overall there is no real reason not to be. I think it is better than most of the other options.


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