Night Hawks Bike Squad

I finished my first space marine bike squad after like 3 weeks of working on it.  It was really really slow going and I just wasn't motivated.  Not that I don't like how they turned out, there is juts a whole lot of model here to paint.  If you think about sheer surface area there must be 2-3 times that of doing just a regular marine so it was pretty daunting.  Originally I had 11 bikes on my desk but I dropped down to just doing 6 so that it seemed more manageable. 

Sgt. Arkavius readies his power sword.
Sergeant Arkavius is featured here leading his squad into the fray.  One of his battles is partially chronicled in the Truvel XI story which is ongoing (part 3 here)

The only part about these guys that I wasn't too happy with was the lamps.  If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.  Too late for these ones but the next 3 batches (sick hey?) can be improved.  I don't usually have such bright eye catchers on my models but I made the wings ferrings stand out here to draw the eye.  The land speeders and scouts in this army are pretty drab so it was a nice infusion of light.

 I also tried to work on my helm eyes a bit with some better jewel effect that I haven't bothered to try before.  What a pain in the neck!  Anyway here are some more shots from different angles. 

I'm debating if my next painting should be four more bikes and the company captain (would let me field an army (2 troops and an HQ) or paint up a librarian for both my bikes and crimson fists.  Question though:  Would it look better to have the Night Hawks bike painted in chapter colours with a blue librarian or an entirely blue bike?  I'm leaning to chapter colours but I'd like opinions.


  1. Those guys look great. I love the dark and muted tones to them. Very nice!

    Ron, From the Warp


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