Cruorian Warbeast

Cruorian War Beast (Xenos Minoris)

Standing on four long legs, each ending in thick claws, and with fur as red as fresh-spilled blood, a Cruorian war beast presents a frightening aspect. Short spikes protect the head, neck, and spine, although from what one can only hazard a guess. The forefeet have opposable thumbs, and it’s possible the Cruorians are slightly more intelligent than most think – they’ve been witnessed using crude melee weapons for example. War beasts tend to open their hunts (or a battle) with a chorus of nerve-wracking howls, eventually reaching a crescendo right before they charge. Theye are utterly merciless, and take no prisoners. In fact, some go so far as to eat the slain even before the fighting is over

I tamed one of these in my most recent Dark Heresy adventure so I obviously need to make one for our games (it was represented by some random monster model).

I waivered between a few models to use for the beast including a Jaws of the Deep from Hell Dorado, Fenrisian Wolves and Chaos Warhounds.  The Jaws of the Deep looked awesome but I really couldn't wait a month for it to arrive by post and the price tag was a bit high for a model that might take a lascannon in-game and be gone forever.  The wolves are nice but look too wolfy so I went with the warhound which has quite a lot of spikes and looks far more menacing.  I finished assembly and greenstuffing it last night and hope to start painting right away.

The Fluff
Brand had previously learned the basics of wrangling on a feral world where transport required the riding of dust dogs.  Although not an expert Brand quickly caught on and understood the principles easily enough. 

Later, after escaping from the gladiator pits of some unknown world Brand calmed and befriended a rampant grox-like animal.  With this new found confidence Brand unleashed the caged 'prizes' on their unsuspecting captors.   One of the caged animals was a Cruorian Warbeast.  After slaying 2 of its captors the beast turned on Brand who quickly dodged and soothed the animal. 

"I will name him Spike" Brand said calmly to his cohorts as the Warbeast looked at him in appreciation, a glint of intelligence apparent in its eyes.  Spike quickly followed them to the elevator out of the dungeon.


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