[BatRep] Apoc - The Defense of CH22 - Chapter 1

The Defense of CH22
"Leave the gates to my Battle Brothers, and we shall support you on the flanks." The Raven Guard Captain gave what thought he had on the matter to the Imperial Logistics Officer. "Tell your Colonel that the longer the greenskins stay out of your walls, the longer we will have to flush the Orks towards our killteams and end their foolish assault. "As you command my lord. We have employed our Heavy Weapons within the Communications and Anti-Air bunkers, but what of the gatehouses?" "The Gatehouses will be held by our Devastators and our own Heavy Weaponry.
They are being bolstered even now by our Brother Techmarine. See to it that the outer walls are given what supplies they need, for they will most surely be killed when the Orks arrive." The officer thought that this was cold sentiment. His men would be just as eager to get to grips with the greenskins than these Angels of Death, known throughout the Imperium as mankind's salvation. Yet this one seemed cold, dark, and his ruthless disregard for the fighting spirit of his men put the Sergeant in an ill mood.

The Beer Before the Storm
The outer defenses were manned with the some of the newest recruits that CH22 had managed to bring in. Their hands shook, with either fear or nervousness was impossible to tell. "Does anyone have any Lho, or anything?" Some murmurs went through the trenches as Lho was passed round. Taking a glance behind them the soldiers saw their precious bastion. A bastion of hope, yet mere hours before that hope was not so prevalent. Then came the Ravens, the Angels of the Emperor. Bring intel, and awe. To see one of the legendary Astartes so close filled their chests with hope and pride to be fighting amongst such a deadly ally. Then came the first signal, a cry that chilled their blood to the bone, and any further that it could. It was one word....ORKS!!!!!

The Gatehouse
With a cry of surprise, the forward Raven Guard recon team chattered to life over the vox. "Captain!! Chaos forces are inbound on both your flanks!! They seem to be herding the Orks directly towards you. Suggest augmentation to our battle strategy." "Numbers?" "Approximately Traitor Marines and small vehicles...they appear to be of the Night Lords Legion and then what appears to be a renegade band of Berserkers....wait...the Night Lords have a defiled Land Raider leading their pack as well as a Terminator retinue of unknown composition. Will move closer to ascertain, Scouts out"

The Forces of Chaos - Left Flank
Without being able to confirm, the sound of screaming Orks and their hideous machines gave a rising crescendo for the terrifying blast that followed. A huge shell had impacted directly over the gatehouse. "This is Colonel Xiev, all soldiers engage, engage, ENGAGE!!" Torrents of lasfire, uncountable streams of energy tore towards the Orks and their new threat, the denizens of Chaos. "This is the right flank, the big tank, its doors are opening..and..oh Emperor save us....they're coming, they're coming with their.." The feed cut short. "Report, right flank report!!" "Captain, our right flank, we've lost communications." The Captain blink clicked a rune on his visor, indicating that his men were still alive and battle worthy. "Tactical Squad, report." "Sir, a large squad of guardsmen has been overrun by Berserker's from their defiled Land Raider. Techmarine Gudrun estimates close quarters engagements are imminent. Request support from Assault Squad." "Confirmed".

The Night Lords use Terror Tactics
"DIE!! DIE HUMIES!! Launch da big guns at da doors!! Open em' up like a can a grots!" "Firin'!!" With a deafening boom the super heavy aircraft carrier let loose a tremendous shell directly towards the gatehouse. "BAHAHAHA!! MORE!! SHOOT EM' MOOOOORE!!" After the dust settled, it looked as though the Techmarine's reinforcements had held true. "WUT!?! Reload dat cannon and git ready to fire again, dis time don't be shootin' like you some dirty rotten halfwit git!!" The Big Mek gave a swift kick in the direction of a pile of Grot workers, sending them sprawling and squeaking in fear. He then activated his own special staff. "Gots to make sure me baby don't take no lucky hits from dem Gorkin' humies."

Unstoppable Ork Speed Freakz?
The Ork bikes on the other hand, lead by a group of the biggest Nobs the Warlord had, raced towards the walls, eager to get to bloody grips with the Guard, only to find surprise waiting for them as huge searing balls of blue plasma and a torrent of heavy bolter fire tore into them. "ARGH! Wut da slag?!?! Doze ain't no fleshy pinkies....a real fight now boyz!!! It's a bunch o' dem wussed out armoured gits!! No matta, dey gonna die jus like da rest!! BAHAHAHAHA!!" As he tore forward, his mad dok doing his best to patch up what he could of his nobs.

"BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!" Came the tearing cry of the renegade Chaos warbands on the left flank. "Kill! Maim!! BURN!!!" The Berserkers came flying from the ruins and the Landing Pad for supplies, frothing at the lips to spill the blood of whatever they could tear into. The guardsmen posed little threat, as they tore meaty bodies apart, viscera and blood coating their Armour like battle honors. So eager were the to battle, a Rhino crashed headlong into a ruin and its cursed spirit died. Leaving its cargo to run forward on foot.

"Left Flank Report!!" Colonel Xiev needed information. This was getting bad, really bad. He had lost a considerable amount of men, and their fear was running rampant. The outer defences would not last longer, and despite the Raven Guard's prior confidence, the walls would need more support lest the fall and let the Orks, or worse, into the soft underbelly of the bastion. The Comms array and Anti-Air were his to hold at all costs. He had faith the Ravens would not be an easy nut to crack at the gatehouse. Looking overhead, he saw the searing flame trails of Jump Packs, arcing to the right flank, hoping to put a stop to the Night Lord's ruthless advance.
This is part 1 to an apocalypse game played between 6 players, written as a narrative to both make it easier to document and enhance the overall feel of the battle. The rest will be broken into 5 chapters, 1 per game turn and will include all the pictures of the battle as well. Enjoy it, we certainly did. - Scribed, written and embelished by my friend dmielken and posted originally on his blog Stalking Among Shadows


  1. Love it! Really good stuff, and the pics look like it was a fun game as well. Looking forward to reading more!


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