Apocalypse Narrative Mission

I put this narrative apocalypse rule set together for Friday night.  It will be using my new wall set from WarMill.  I can't say if it is balanced at all but it should show that narrative games are easy to come up with and have a few beers over.  I've played games using more points but keeping the points low and barring a lot of super heavies lets far more of my buddies play (this will be 3 per side) who have smaller forces and lets them only take 4-5 hours.

++++CLEARANCE Sig9Delta++++
++++++++THREAT RATING++++


++++++++ENEMY FORCES+++++++++
Initial reports have identified vast swaths of orks apparently being driven toward outpost CH22 by two legions of chaos space marines. Exact numbers unknown.

++++++++Imperial Forces++++++
A significant force of Tarkonis infantry have been stationed at this outpost under the command of Colonel Xiev Krotex. A half company of Ravenguard are supplementing their defence. Additional Space Marine reinforcements have been requested and are en-route.

The motivations of the chaos legions has been determined a key threat to the Imperium. Additional clearance required for briefing.

If the outpost falls before battlefleet Tempestus can arrive their mission will be a success (5 turns)

+++++++++Game Play++++++++++
Turn Schedule:
Turn 1-2: 15 minutes per phase (45 minutes per player turn)
Turn 3+ 10 minutes per phase (30 minutes per player turn)
Should you not complete the movement/shooting/assaults of all of your units within the allotted time then they will forgo moving/shooting/assaulting until the next round.War is hell and those who cannot make quick decisions will be left behind. I would expect this to go faster though as the turns go quite quick as models start to disappear.

Table is a 4' x 8' table.
The defender (imperium) will be holed up in a ferrocrete fortress. This will bestow extreme protection to the occupants. Each section of the fortress is represented as an AV14 structure with two structure points. All damage results other than destroyed will have no effect. Destroyed -explodes are treated like wreck unless the weapon was an explosive (ie melta, las, etc.) The terrain will be removed on any destroyed result and function as difficult/dangerous as prior however vehicles can pass through (immobilise on 1). Infantry stationed behind the defenses will receive a 3+ coversave. This terrain is impassible to vehicles and bikes until destroyed. Infantry may walk/assault through it however it will count as difficult AND dangerous terrain with the following condition: should no infantry models be present on or adjacent to the section being moved through the dangerous terrain element will not apply. This will signify incoming fire from the defenders.

The gate house will behave as two separate sections. The gatehouse is a single structure as is the gate itself and can be destroyed independently. The gate may NOT be assaulted through when closed (only wall sections).

All other terrain: 4+

Special rules:
Regular 'wrecks' are removed from the table to keep it clean.
No D-strength weapons
No strategic assets
No super heavy fliers
No vehicles with more than 3 structure points
Only 1 formation per player.
If stuff is forgotten in reserve after turn 3, it is destroyed.

All units begin in reserve.

Any amount of infantry may be deployed at the start of the game. All vehicles must begin play in reserve and will roll randomly to arrive on turn 2 (1-2 left side, 3-4 right side or inside 5-6 right/left or inside). If the roll is undesirable it may be rerolled on turn 3 with this chart (1-3 left/mid, 4-6 right/mid) (to signify repositioning). Any other units may be reserved as desired.

Reserves (No rolling)
Attacker: all units may enter on turn 1 from any board edge (except rear). 4+ to deep strike turn 1, remainder may arrive turn 2 (3+) OR turn 3 auto unless forgotten.

Imperium: 1/2 of non vehicle reserves arrive turn 2 (they are unprepared for the attack). Drop pods follow their normal rules.

The attacker must storm the defences to gain any objectives. There will be 6 objectives. Each gatehouse counts as a single objective (if both are occupied the gate may be opened or closed at the beginning of the controlling players movement phase). A command bunker (AV 14 structure; door is locked and AV12; can assault into bunker- holds 15 models), a communications relay and an anti air emplacement (AV 14; 2 TL autocannons; same as bunker) and the skyshield landing pad.

The attacking forces count as holding an objective if they end the game within a structural objective with an infantry/bike unit above 50% (all FOC can score). ANY side may elect to fire upon objectives. Destroyed objectives have no strategic value.

Anticipated forces:
Attacker (First Turn) 7000 points
Night Lords (1500)
Chaos Undivided (2500)
Speed Freaks (3000)

Defender 7000 points
Raven Guard (2500)
Space Wolves (2500)
Imperial Guard (2000)

Game master's note: It may seem the fortress will be quite strong, however the attacker has far superior numbers throughout the game and control of where to strike. Regardless game should be viewed as thematic and not a competitive challenge. Though I would suggest with the prevalence of AV 14 items some melta/str 10 weapons be taken where available. Remember, you are assaulting a fortress.