Scratch Built Thunderbolt Fighter

Here's something I put together a few years back.  I had been getting shot up by a pesky ork fighta bomba in apocalypse games so I bolstered my forces with a thunderbolt.  It's not my best paint job but back then I was pretty happy with it.  The canopy is what really ruins it.  It was basically just an attempt to practice my plasticard before doing the thunderhawk.

I guess on Imperial vehicles it's hard to have too many rivets. It probably took 3 hours to put together, another few of green stuffing, and a few to paint. Since it is a smaller model, the forming didn't take as long as say a plastic warhound, and I've done other scratch builds that took 20-40 hours so this was a walk in the park.  Sadly our Apoc games are small-ish (8k per side) so fliers dominate them too readily.  This guy usually gets shelved for other stuff.