Dark Heresy - Shades on Twilight (Excerpt)

Here's a little recap of an event from our last role play session that I wanted to share.  With a little bit of determination and hate for an NPC you can accomplish anything :)  

Setting:  The acolytes are aboard a space hulk searching for a copy of the Liber Daemonicus and a holy relic blade.  They have joined forces with a second cell of acolytes from the Ordos Hereticus and have come to their goal.

As the acolytes enter the cavern they see the final resting place of a lost inquisitor.  She rests atop a spire of dead daemonic tentacles in a final thrust of victory as the two combatants' lives ended.
Brand gathers himself and begins to climb the shaft of tentacled remains toward the inquisitor.  After securing the relic blade he unlatches the tome from her body and turns to the acolytes.  The Ordo Hereticus' leader demands the book for return to Terra under his protection while Brand's cell yells over one another to destroy or safeguard the priceless artifact.

As if not hearing any of this, Brand opens the book and absorbs a wealth of forbidden daemonic lore.  After what seems like an instant, he closes the book, affixes it to his belt and descends.  No sooner does he reach the bottom but the Ordo Hereticus leader grabs the tome and steals for the door.
Raising a bolt pistol he pulps the head of a former colleague as he attempted to stall.  Brand shouts a curse in anger as his cell races to pursue.

Lost in the ever changing architecture of the hulk, the traitor stumbles into a dead ended corridor.

"For your souls, do not watch" Brand says through clenched teeth to his cohorts.  Without confirming he has been acknowledged, he locks his glowing eyes with his now prey.

The world begins to tremble and all but Brand are forced to a knee.  The traitor's eyes widen and his mouth drops as Brand's form appears to morph and contort into a shape impossible in the materium.  Unable to face the horror in front of him, he makes for the end of the corridor, inhuman screams filling the air.

Brand makes slowly toward the heretic with one hand held outward as if to stay the man and the other raised to his side; his force staff held tight.

With raw determination Brand strikes home, the staff shatters his pelvis and pins the traitor to the bulkhead.  A small yelp is all that escapes his lips as he erupts into iridescent flame.

A calm washes over Brand and he lets out a pent up breath.  He kneels, reclaims the untouched tome and turns toward his cell.

"Time to leave" he says as he walks past his comrades still kneeling with their hands to their ears and eyes clenched.


This is the first time I have had the opportunity to role play my psyker and unleash his power.  Rolling very well also helped!  I'm not sure how the other acolytes will perceive this experience though...