Blood Angels Assault Marines

These guys have been sitting on my painting desk for I think 13 months.  The motivation to finish a squad that will never get out of its transport was very minimal.  Having 10 or maybe even 15 other guys like this painted meant certain casualties got to 'rejoin' the battlefield twice meaning these dudes never needed to see play.  Regardless though I finally pushed through them. 

I tried out some zenital? highlighting though it doesn't show up very good in the photos and it's pretty tame since I didn't want drastic colour change anyway.  I'll try it out more pronounced on my next batch of something.  All of the power packs are magnetized so that they can be swapped with jumppacks should the need or desire ever arise.  Of these two photos the top one is the truer colour as they're not quite as bright red as the bottom would lead you to believe.  Nice to have them finished though and they'll probably see more play than their bretheren now since I like these guys more and think they turned out better.   


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