Ork Objective Markers

I think objective markers are one of the most overlooked aspects of 40k; at least to those in the community that actually paint their toys!  We slave away making our models look great, and then end up fighting over poker chips or dice cube lids.  The other thing that bothers me is the 'wounded soldier' or 'ammo dump' objective.  I mean would 200 Imperial Guard try to save a downed soldier or would a Tyranid swarm try to kill a select 5 individuals?  Strange!  I prefer the secret plans, bio-sample, comm array sort of objective. .  .

Babble aside the objectives are as follows:
- Two of them are 'top secret entrances' to underground orky bunkers.
- One is a fuel stash, because these boyz don't have time to drill for their own and something has to run the kans! (Yes this fits into my ammo dump rant but I think of it as a representation of much more!)
- One is some extra secret info that was dropped when the messenger suffered an 'accident'.
- And the last is a big red button! My mob can't help themselve but try to press anything that's bright and shiney, even though we're unsure as to what it even does. My opponents MUST attempt to prevent whatever it is from happening!

Hope you enjoy and these may have given you some ideas or desire to complete your own objectives.


  1. I totally agree on the playing over poker chips and the wounded soldier.

    Personally to keep things easy I am painting up some teleport beacons as objectives, but you did come up with some fun, creative things to fight over, mostly the big red button. I may have to go through my bitz boxes to see what I can come up with!

    Great objectives!


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