Land Raider Proteus Conversion Idea

Now that a friend of mine has graciously offered to sell me an unbuilt baneblade, I'm going to progress on the Night Hawks' fellblade idea but that left me with a problem. Ok not a "real" problem, but I have two unbuilt/partially built land raider kits that I didn't know what to do with. Now that I'll have two upscaled land raiders build from baneblades it would look silly if I ever ran 3 of them and 1 was a normal wussy little kit.

So to solve this issue (without selling the kits) I'm going to convert them into Proteus land raiders. A lot of people don't like the new Forge World kit (I'm impartial) but I do like the rules. Being able to run them in elite slots with my Blood Angel tank army will be sweet. This will save me from having to spend a ton of money on the Forge World kits and will be a fun conversion project. . .

My plan is to remove the front assault ramp and replace it with a rhino front panel (or something from a 3rd party). I'm also going to use some custom sponsons on the side. I'll replace the heavy bolter turret mount with some sort of auspex to represent the special rules the proteus has as well. Can anyone think of some other features I should try to put on? I've seen a tank Machinator (search it) made with tracks visible all around, but they were really large (baneblade sized) and I wasn't into it. I think I want to keep the enclosed look. Maybe it will be that simple, just a front alteration and some custom bits.

This should make it possible to easily differentiate the Proteus from my truescale (and legit) land raiders visually so that the rules make sense.  Thoughts are definately appreciated.