First Molds

I made my first rubber molds yesterday and cleaned them up this morning.  I REALLY need to thank the maker of this set of youtube tutorials.  They're awesome and explained everything very well for someone like myself with no experience in it.  Casting Tutorial

I needed a lot of tires for some conversions I'm going to be doing with some GW Land Speeder Storms so I thought this would be a good way to attempt 2 part casting.  Here's the bottom of the mold.  I also didn't want to be completely discouraged if that didn't work and was told that single part molds were easier.  So I made some casts of some flat objects to try it out.  I don't even think I'll use the top mold but wanted to see how it worked (I don't need any of the parts).  Anyway once the top of this 2 part one is done I'll attempt to put it all together. 

---I've removed images of the molds as I'm not sure I should be showing what I'm casting, despite it being for personal use---

Also I hated megablocks growing up (Lego Fanboy) but at $15 for a giant case of generic bricks you can't go wrong.