Argonaught Pattern Land Speeder Storm

I present to you, the Argonaught Pattern Land Speeder Storm. I've always liked scouts, and always thought the storm was a cool model. I sold all of my old ones when I started playing with the BA codex. Now though, with the Night Hawks and my goal and background fluff supporting high speed combat I figured they could make a comeback. I also would like the flexibility to not take a SM bike captain and instead have a librarian. That was I wouldn't depend so much or have to protect the bikes as much since the storms would be scoring.

I really like the look of the normal scouts with bolters and have modelled the guys as such. Because of that I made the storm with occupants readying bolt guns. Again, I really like the model and despite the tactical disavantages that most people are sure of, a friend of mine does really well with them and I'd much rather take them than tactical marines.

I've also had amazing success with my first attempts at casting and would like to thank paulsongames for all of his help. It is in fact just as easy as the videos would have you believe.

I need to aquire a few more front parts of bikes for making the wheel wells on the front of both speeds but hopefully can move along with these before long. I can't wait to play these.  I tried to mimic the lines of my original speeders which included moving the cerebrus? launcher to the top of the vehicle. 

Argonaught Pattern Land Speeder Storm

Scouts of the Night Hawks 9th company are not born in the saddle; they must first earn the right to take to battle on their own bike. Those proving themselves in the blood of combat move up the ranks to either piloting a Storm or being granted a scout bike while remaining in the 9th. For all of the reasons that the Argonaught Pattern Land Speeder has become a staple in the chapter, so has the Argonaught Storm. The Argonaught Storm sports increased engine capacity vs. the standard Argonaught to aid in pushing its larger chassis up to similar speeds. The vehicle is capable of carrying novitiates into battle as well as wounded brother-soldiers from it. Tow lines can be extended from the roof of the crew compartment which safely trail behind the vehicle for use in towing damaged equipment back from the front when required. The heavy reliance on Argonaughts and bikes by the Night Hawks means that no equipment is forfieited lightly.  The plume of dust left in the wake of the tri-thrusters pay homage to the coming storm and the namesake of the vehicle.


  1. The placement of the Cerberus launcher on the back is a nice touch! That guy better watch his feet skimming along so close to the ground ;)

  2. Haha his feet have been adjusted (he was actually kicked off the bus). And the vehicle will be higher than in the photo, it's just sittin gon the wheels at the moment.

    I got that comment from someone else too so 2 people telling me he was in a poor position pretty much seals the deal.


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